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* Do you know what the PTR record is?

Suggested article from our blog: What is a PTR record?

A pointer record or PTR record is a simple, but very useful DNS record. It serves as a verification tool for the IP address. The spam filters of the mail servers use it to check the address and see if it relates to the right hostname. They perform a reverse DNS lookup.

If the IP address they see is not pointing to the right host, they will put the incoming mail in spam.

So, if you want all your mails to arrive and not to suffer the spam treatment, you must have PTR records. Point the IP addresses to the right hostnames and show that you are legit!

How to create a PTR record?

Step one is to create a Reverse DNS zone for the PTR records. Step two is adding the PTR records from the button "Add new records". There you can select the PTR record, add its IP address, and to which host it corresponds. Remember, each IP address can be put to only one PTR record. To learn more, follow this link, please!